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it would work through the tor-proxy-link though, if the website would still be online,
to install TOR wont help here.
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This is not working for me, as in I am not seeing any site when I click on the links.

It's a .onion link, that means this site is a Tor hidden service. You have to install Tor and set up your browser for Tor's proxy to visit such links.
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This is not working for me, as in I am not seeing any site when I click on the links.

I know that the existence of something like this would greatly increase the utility of bitcoins.  Also I think that a focus on extreme anonymity is counter productive as any trade in real goods is going to require a shipping address anyway.
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if thats true, its pretty useless to make the website only accessable through tor.
enabled javascript = not anonymous
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Seems you need javascript enabled to create a new auction...
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Interesting how people fuse my ideas ^^
(paysafe cards ( and WeBid as auction platform (, tried that before here, it's not in use actually)

Only thing I have to complain about is that you combine TOR (site) and I2P (mail support), this makes things unnecessarily more complicated.

I'm sure I'll make an account sooner or later, keep up the good work !
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Cool. This could be an easier alternative to Exchange Zone for exchanging digital currencies, with BitCoin as the medium of exchange.

Do you charge any fees?
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