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August 04, 2010, 01:04:51 PM
Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations

Panama Bearer Share Corporation Advantages:

Panama is the only place in the world where you can form a truly anonymous bearer share corporation. Under Panama law a bearer share corporation can be formed that is owned by the possessor of the physical certificates of stock with no recorded owner on record anywhere. The government of Panama does not even know who the owner of the offshore corporation is. Shares for a Panama Corporation do not have to have the owners name on them and they do not have to be kept in Panama. The books and records do not have to be kept in Panama either. If the offshore corporation is Panamanian, banks in Panama, has a resident address in Panama yet has offshore derived income it pays no Panama taxes and does not even need to file a Panama tax return. This is a true bearer share corporation.

They have mostly been eliminated in the world since 9-11. When sending and receiving wires from a Panama Bank Account under the Panama Corporation name no one monitoring the wires can tell who the owners of the corporation are. It is just like the old Swiss numbered bank accounts that are long gone except a corporation name is used instead of a number. Panama has 400,000 corporations registered for a reason – it is the best jurisdiction. Each offshore corporation pays $300 a year in tax (that is it for taxes by the way assuming your money is offshore derived), which totals $120,000,000 and this is for a country with 2.9 million people. The Panama Canal only nets Panama about $335,000,000 and requires 9,000 employees. How many people are required to run a corporate filing dept., maybe 200? Panama is a country very unlikely to violate corporate privacy, which is why all these corporations are here.

No Corporation Ownership Registry in Panama

The lawyer in Panama may only have knowledge of the person who formed the company but not knowledge of others he or she may have transferred the corporation to since formation. Such transfers need not be reported and the new owner(s) need not be on file anywhere they just need to have the shares of the corporation physically. The transfer process could be completed in minutes if not seconds. The new owner(s) may reside outside of Panama, the new owners could be an offshore corporation, foundation or be a trust in another country, etc. making any trails extremely difficult, time consuming, expensive and in general for most people not feasible to follow especially when you consider that no one really knows how many times the ownership may have been transferred. There is no ownership database for anyone to snoop into, period. Thus the possibility of a fishing expedition is non-existent.

Remember Panama has no tax treaties of any sort with any country and this is where fishing expeditions come from. The nominee Directors we provide can be appointed and thus are not owners and their names are recorded publicly. We provide the three required directors for you complete with signed undated letters of resignation and they do not know who you are. You can effectively transfer the stock certificates privately with no record of the sale appearing anywhere. The new owner can replace the directors with his own directors at will. We can provide a blank bill of sale for the corporation signed by the nominee directors as an optional extra service, see our price list. If you do not wish to have nominee directors on your corporation we can use three different anonymous Panama Bearer Share Corporations instead of nominee directors which makes for a more confusing harder to follow trail but it can be so hard to follow the banks will not let you open an account because the due diligence would be too difficult.
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August 04, 2010, 12:56:47 PM
Suppose for a second that every transaction identified a "unit type".  Currently this "unit type" is assumed to be a bit coin.   
Suppose that anyone may create a transaction that defines a new globally unique "unit type" and allocates them all 23,000,000 units.
Suppose that every address may receive any unit type.  And that the "inputs and outputs" need not be of the same unit type and that both parties must "sign" the transaction for it to be accepted.

Given the above was implemented someone could create a company that:

1) Create a new unit type for each stock symbol.
2) Accept BTC and in exchange issue 1 stock unit per share purchased from an official market (btc would be sold for dollars and dollars used to purchase stock).
3) Individuals could then trade BTC / Stock Unit in a market like Mt. Gox and have no capital gains
4) If there were no buyers in the BTC market and you still want to sell said company will guarantee to sell
    enough stock to get dollars (pay any capital gains) then sell dollars to get BTC and then repurchase your stock unit for that BTC.

As a whole the market would only pay taxes in situations where there are "more btc stock sellers than buyers".  The *key* aspect that ensures demand for
BTC buyers is that they can buy at a discount of up to 15-20% of the capital gains accrued to the whole of the BTC users. 

So stock goes in to this "company" and would likely "never come out" because of the tax penalty associated with selling the stock.  This penalty does not
exist in the case of net "losses" to the entire btc stock unit.   

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