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Thanks, I've added your answers to the page on the wiki.

The more faqs page is a page where FAQ answers can be updated and refined before they are added to the main static FAQ page.
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I have a couple suggestions for additions to the bitcoin FAQ. In the section headed "Where does the value of Bitcoin stem from? What backs up Bitcoin?", the material that is there now is true but seems to be missing a few important points that I think would help make the section more convincing and explanatory. My understanding of this has grown from the discussion in a previous thread on whether or not bitcoin minting was "wasting" energy. I feel like I now have a better understanding of the value of bitcoin, so I hope my understanding of this might be useful in explaining bitcoin to others. I would propose adding something like the following after the first two sentences:

"At the time of this writing, Bitcoin's chain of proof is the result of over 6 quadrillion cryptographically secure, verified calculations carried out by many independent computers. This large and growing input of energy and technology is part of Bitcoin's value, and represents a substantial investment of resources by Bitcoin users in creating the benefits of a trustworthy medium of exchange."

I think related material should also be added to the section headed "So your wealth is determined by the amount of CPU power you have?", something along these lines:

"All currencies need a method for regulating the money supply and creating circulation. To make Bitcoin secure, a large amount of computer work is required. The Bitcoin process for introducing new coins into circulation is designed to make the currency secure by encouraging users to perform the necessary computational work by awarding the role of introducing new coins into circulation in rough proportion the amount of computer power contributed to this goal."

I think explaining these positive features of the Bitcoin design would help people understand where the value of bitcoins comes from.

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