Topic: Bugzilla & other bug tracking systems for Bitcoins (Read 9284 times)

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I've always liked the Mantis bug tracker, though it's not a GUI friendly/pretty, mainly just a down and dirty text driven model with colors.  Grin
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+1 to Trac. It's easier to use compared to Bugzilla, and VCS integration is better...
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I agree. We also need an easier-to-use changelog than the commit log. I like the way the µTorrent team does it:
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It was mentioned in the thread about Splitting/merging wallets (, but I think this is an important enough topic on its own right that it deserves its own thread.

Bugzilla ( is the bug tracking software used for the Mozilla and the MediaWiki projects (and several other prominent projects of various kinds).   It certainly is stable and has the ability to set priorities, assign projects to individual developers (or have them claimed) and allow for communications between developers, users, and interested 3rd parties on development issues that are specific with a problem-focused approach to development.

My question is if this should be implemented for Bitcoins and what other alternatives might be available instead of this system?  The development forum certainly has its use, but it is a bit of a kludge when trying to address specific issues.
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