Topic: Calculating total bitcoins by number of blocks generated (Read 9488 times)

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I couldn't find a post about this, so I created this.

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Quote is a PHP script I wrote that calculates the output I'm looking for in but I would like to know if there is a one line math formula that can produce the same.
necrodearia: not sure about a single-line math formula, but you could do the integer division of y by 210000 (call it yQuotient) and use that to compute 210000*(50+25+...+50/2^yInt).  (that's a geometric series.)  then you can take the remainder of that division, call it yRemainder, and find yRemainder * 50/2^(yQuotient+1).
not gonna flesh it out in code myself, i'll leave that to you :p
sorry, wherever i said y it should be x.  (integer division of x by 210000.... xQuotient... 50/2^xQuotient... xRemainder)

Here's the script in action:
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