Topic: Evaporation Cooling of the Bitcoin Community (Read 1471 times)

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bitcoin - the aerogel of money
October 13, 2010, 03:49:54 AM
I don't see a problem. The Bitcoin community and the Bitcoin protocol are two independent developments. Piggybacking ideology on Bitcoin is a bonus but not a necessity for its success. The founder community is only writing the charter. How Bitcoin will eventually evolve is beyond its control anyhow. If it catches on, it will outlive the founder community by decades.

Bitcoin is a tool that could be used to spread any number of ideologies. It's a very versatile tool; it could fulfill the needs of a diverse range of communities, in ways we can't imagine today. We shouldn't see it for more than it is. 

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This forum is full of hacker and ciphergeeks, and people familiar with crypto-anarchist political theory. This in character encouraged voluntary entrepreneurial behaviors and the discussion of radical business models(such as p2p darknet powered by bitcoins).

However, as the bitcoin economy, we may dilute the knowledge quality and entrepreneurial and voluntary spirit of the community. Thus, voluntary. nonviolent, and innovative solutions may be looked over in favor of possibly more corecisive solutions and corrosive social environment.

So I invites forum goers here to figure out how to preserve the effectiveness of the bitcoin community in the admist of bitcoin economic growth.
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