Topic: Hashes per second as bitcoind/JSON-RPC command (Read 11069 times)

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I wrote just such a command. The patch is pretty simple. It adds gethps and getkhps which return the value of the internal hashmeter. It also adds getkhps as a line in getinfo. The patch also adds ListReceived, but that is pretty crappy. It just lists the description line from the UI. I'll eventually get around to making it more JSON-ish if Satoshi doesn't add something similar to mainline.

You can get the patch (for r102) at
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You can change it to print it every 30 seconds or whatever if you edit the code.. but it's really not going to change except when the computer is busy.
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Search debug.log for "hashmeter". I have this in my status script for BitCoin:
grep hashmeter debug.log |tail -n3

An RPC command would be useful, though.
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It would be handy to see how many hashes per second are being performed by bitcoind.
So a command like "gethashespersecond" or "getkhashespersecond" would be great.
(If we add a "kilohashes per second" command, I suggest we return a floating point number, not an integer.)

So, what do you guys think?
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