Topic: How fast do the fastest computers generate bitcoins? (Read 23262 times)

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oh man ... 100 btc a day and more...with a cpu  Cry
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Gerald Davis
Any particular reason you felt the need to resurrect an 18 month old thread?

If you want to practice thread necromancy why not try it on a useful thread?  Really a thread debating various CPU performances?
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Gir: I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now..
That what Wiki pages are good for:

For example a computer with 6 x ATI HD5870 did 2568 Megahashes / second. RESPECT!
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I've noticed that hashing performance doesn't vary as much between CPUs as you'd expect.  Compared to an old CPU, a newer CPU doesn't show as much of a speedup at hashing as it does on general benchmarks.

I guess recent CPU optimizations must have concentrated on things like I/O and branch prediction.  Most programs are a bunch of memory access, comparisons and branching, they rarely get down to cranking away at maths for very long.

The latest SVN version has a khash/s display.  Around 400 khash/s per processor is typical.
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100/day seems pretty good... Does internet connection speed matter?  Also, does it matter how long your computer has been continuously connected?
and you can only generate when you have all blocks, so you won't generate for the first minutes of starting Bitcoin. Doesn't matter past that.
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100/day seems pretty good... Does internet connection speed matter?  Also, does it matter how long your computer has been continuously connected?
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my CPU amd turion 2 cores rated at 1.6 Ghz generates 50 BC in 2 days.........
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You should try one of Laszlo's builds of Bitcoin. They show the number of hashes / second that you're computing. Post that number, and you/we can calculate how often you will find a block (on average, statistical caveats apply as Laszlo suggested).
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It will always benefit you to have the fastest computer, or have more computers than anyone else.  The hits per day you get will go down statistically over time as the difficulty rises, but you will still get a larger share than everyone else if you control the biggest pool of resources.

This is all based on the theory that statistics mean something though..  The guy with the 1Ghz computer could 'get lucky' and generate a thousand a day while the guy with the compute cluster gets none.  I think this 'get lucky' theory is what gambling is based on.
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I get, on average, 100 a day with my P4@3200, I'd expect there to be only a small MIPS/MHz drop between P4 and celeron, so I'd guess vaugely at 50 somewhere between every day, and every day and a half. That's just a wild guess though, and difficulty only seems to be going up...
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I only have a 1Ghz netbook running bitcoin at the moment, so I'm curious what kind of bitcoin generation rates the faster computers get.  100/week, 1000/week, 10000/week?  How big of an advantage is there to having a faster computer?
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