Topic: I want bitcoins, and this is what I can offer. (Read 7733 times)

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August 20, 2010, 06:45:19 PM
Sure, I will send you a portfolio over the weekend.

As I mostly do the back-end programming, that can't really be seen in the live sites but I have mounted some of my systems and fill them with bogus data in a server of mine, I will restore them to the default data and send you the live site link and the one I use for show, as well as the access information as well so you can move that one around and see how a finished system behaves.
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You can send me a portfolio of your work, if you wish. I often need to use freelancers.
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Thank you =), although I don't know who donated, just let me know if I can do anything for you.
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I have been following bitcoin for a while, I am actually generating as I write, and I have to say that I really like the idea and I would like bitcoin to succeed, however my real life economy won't allow me right now to directly purchase them as I am currently having a hard time purchasing anything at all.

Anyway, I believe that a good way to keep a healthy economy is by getting the money to circulate, and it is my hope that something of what I offer may result useful to somebody else with some idle bitcoins lying around, so that I may in turn purchase some of the goods that I have seen offered here that are of interest to me, so that I could create a service that could be used to gain more bitcoins, ad infinitum. Ambitious, I know, but I think it would be very funny to make a unit of a virtual currency worth more that a unit of the currency of my country, and is not that far away.


- Translation service (English > Spanish)
As a very avid reader, I have proficiency in my birth language (Spanish), and occasionally I do some translation jobs, whether you want to have a document translated, or offer your website and/or services in Spanish I can help you, the cost would be 1 bitcoin for every 100 words.

- Web Development
I don't do web design, my bread & butter is the programming behind a dynamic website, "give life" to a design so to speak: galleries, news, form processing, administrative back-ends, user systems, shopping carts, paypal/bank integration, you name it, I code it. I program in PHP. The cost depends of the project.

- Make a website standards compliant.
I can turn websites into strict XHTML and leave it useful and pretty for every modern browser (I charge extra to support IE6 tho, I hate the thing, thankfully is dying), and I don't mean just pass it through a validation service, I mean really make use of the semantic features of the standard, this always help with the positioning in a search engine. The cost depends of the project.


I used to play quite a bit of Guild Wars back in the day, I think it may not as popular now, but still, I have a few things there that may be of interest to someone.

- Gold *
50k gold for 100 bitcoins.

- Elite tomes *
1 for 20 bitcoins

- Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale *
1 for 75 bitcoins.

- Lockpicks
1 for 6 bitcoins.

* Prices are negotiable.


Last but not least, I certainly accept donations to get me started in my world domination plans at 1A6LP84sh2AYtZ841F7zLfz3Y3GKriYXtC

Why would anyone donate me bitcoins?, because, believe me, I will make damn good use of them, the truth is that I recently moved into this city and I haven't fully established myself here so I have some free time and little projects to work on (hence, little resources and my offer to do some work for bitcoins) that are not personal ones, mmm, what else, I believe in privacy and anonymity (which is why I really want to see bitcoin succeed, I am trying to promote it over freenet and with friends), so much that I keep a permanent freenet node working that I seldom (if at all) use, I have contribute a few installers to my linux distro of choice (Slackware), and, well, I am a charming person =P
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