Topic: ListGenerated and GetKHPS RPC Methods Patch (Read 8121 times)

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July 17, 2010, 02:09:04 AM
I'd love this functionality, but the patch doesn't work for me.  Neither against 102 or against 106 (the HEAD as of this post).

You're referencing a variable dHashesPerSec, but that a local variable of a function in another file!  Pretty sure you're missing some of the patch!
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Hello all,

I've made a patch against svn-r102 that adds three RPC methods:
ListGenerated [pendingOnly=false]
Returns a list of generated transactiosn. If pendingOnly is true, includes only accepted but not yet matured transactions.
Here's an example output:
        "value" : 50.00000000000000,
        "maturesIn" : 0,
        "accepted" : true,
        "confirmations" : 8184,
        "genTime" : 1275586091
        "value" : 50.00000000000000,
        "maturesIn" : 0,
        "accepted" : true,
        "confirmations" : 7545,
        "genTime" : 1275963218

I released a similar patch is the past, but this one is finally production-quality.

I also added two more functions:
gethps and getkhps

Those just return the hash rate and the hash rate / 1000. getkhps was also added as a key in getinfo.

Anyway, this patch can be downloaded at:

If you're using Linux x86_64, you can try out my binaries at:
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