Topic: Merchants, Exchanges, and Individuals: Get Spidered! (Read 8715 times)

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The Bitcoin Networked Economy Specification v0.01-DRAFT has been published (

If you are offering products, services, or currency exchange services, please consider publishing a bit of data to your web host to help the community discover your offerings.

If you'd like to do this, follow the specifications published at If you've implemented the spec, then list your site here.

I will be implementing a v0.01-DRAFT-compliant crawler soon enough (if someone else doesn't before that), which will aggregate everyone's offerings into a searchable database.

If you offer a currency exchange service, please consider publishing recent exchange quotes according to the spec.

In the future, there will be specs for protocols for realtime quote publishing as well as trade APIs. Implementation of these specs is entirely voluntary, but I think it will contribute a great deal to the bitcoin community.

I'll be happy to answer any questions or comments.


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