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After several days of work with our new #MonsterTeam and with the collaboration of the #MonsterArmy today we can bring great news to everyone as the Monster Adventures Token family continues to grow.

Today we want to introduce everyone to our family of Tokens, each with a special function in the new Monster ecosystem.

 ⁃ MAD (Monster Adventures Deals): It will be the demo token which will be used to practice, meet challenges and different campaigns. This Token can be exchanged for prizes in the MAT ecosystem such as NFTs or lives.

 ⁃ MAN (v2) Monster Adventures Nfts: A new contract is being developed for NFTs called MANv2 which comes with different updates, mainly the oracle is removed and adds more information, functions and control to NFTs. In addition, this new version solves the problems that MANv1 generates, such as duplicate or missing NFTs. All of this is being fixed in MANv2 and users will be able to swap 1:1 their MANv1 for their MANv2.

 ⁃ MAL Monster Adventures Lands: Together with the MANv2 token, the MAL token is already being developed, which will be the token of the Lands with which investors can earn a % of the rewards generated by each player who passes through their Land.

 ⁃ MAT Monster Aventures Token: Although it seems that it is dead, our new economist and other experts consulted assure that they carry out different strategies such as burning, mining of NFTs, repurchase and some trading strategies it is possible to recover it and place it in a favorable position, it will not be immediately because it depends on many factors. In Conclusion, the MAT token does not die, it becomes an exclusive token.

We already know who has MAT and how much they have. The blockchain photo was taken from a couple of nights ago and we have that record which is going to be important in the next few days.

 ⁃ MAX The new member of the family: It will be our new rewards token, I cannot give you many details about this yet, but it will be a Token that has all the characteristics to make the monster ecosystem the envy of many projects.

The MAX token will have different conditions which will control the whales and bots since they can buy but cannot sell large amounts. In order to sell MAX you must have in-game assets (NFTs, Lands, Staking, having done Breeding or winning rewars) and depending on the amount of assets you have, the % you can move will be.

Which leaves the whales and bots trapped providing liquidity to the MAX but unable to sell.

In addition, the new MAX will have Presale for new investors, listing on different platforms and an exclusive AirDrop for MAT holders and NFT holders.

In our next AMA we will tell more details about our new family of tokens and we will announce the dates of our new whitepaper and the new roadmap.

MONSTER ADVENTURES TOKEN $MAT, an excellent Play To Earn game that is paying rewards directly to your Wallet, has CERTIK certification and is already published in the Playstore.  I will leave you all the information here:

Monsters Adventure Token is a game that involves interactivity, earnings in crypto assets and the latest trend in the crypto world which are the NFTs.

$MAT 0xd4cc9538bbd3eda848da2292c0e383835703f138

Why invest in MAT?
✅Certik (
✅Low market cap
✅Real developers
✅Low Supply
🔒2 years liquidity locked
✅Mobile and PC Game
✅With demo game
✅Game released and tested
✅Long term NFT Game. See white paper of how rewards will be distributed.
✅NFT Mining


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