Topic: [OLD THREAD] Bitcoin version 0.2 development status (Read 13257 times)

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Sooo good satoshi, soo good.

^^This first bump was after four years... 2009 to 2013 Roll Eyes
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wow i accidently put in topic '10' and this come sup. soooo old brings back memories

Although I wasn't around that early I can still recall the spirit of Bitcoin's early days when it was mainly experimentation and fun with much less emphasis put on the exchange rate, because most users had understood, yet not internalized (emotionally) that Bitcoin is money. So coins were much more likely to be through around for all kinds of stupid things and ideas. A great time!

Reading of version 0.2... is there some kind of archive that contains all release versions of Bitcoin (Core)? That would be an important contribution to monetary history. Smiley
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wow i accidently put in topic '10' and this come sup. soooo old brings back memories
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Bitcoin: An Idea Worth Spending
Wouldn't it be funny if Satoshi had written "Also coming in version 2.weeks"?

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Sooo good satoshi, soo good.
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We've been working hard on improvements for the next version release.  Martti (sirius-m) added some nice features to make it more user friendly and easier to run in the background:
 - Minimize to system tray option
 - Autostart on boot option so you can keep it running in the background automatically
 - New options dialog layout
 - Setup EXE for Windows, in addition to the archive download

I've been working on a number of refinements to the networking code and laying the groundwork for future functionality.  Also coming in version 0.2:
 - Multi-processor support for coin generation
 - Proxy support
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