Topic: Pick 3 Lotto - Jackpot (5 BTC) - Evening Drawing 7/23/2010 (0.01 BTC Lotto) (Read 7859 times)

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This server just generated another 50 BTC, so now the prize winnings will work different. Basically, 5 BTC to all winners (even if two people pick the same number) Awesome!
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Lottos are fun, especially if it doesn't cost much to play. This one is a penny lotto. So those new to BitCoin and visit the website can give it a few tries.

I'm going to duplicate my states pick three lotto. It's easy and straight forward, plus I'll use the results from the actual state lotto for fairness. I'm not going to take a percentage of any winnings, so winner takes all (including all mine if you win).

  • Cost to Enter: 0.01 BTC
  • What do you pick? Any number between 000 and 999; 000 counts as a number, so does 009, 099, etc
  • You can enter as many times as you like for 0.01 BTC each, so you can pick multiple numbers
  • The maximum (but not minimum) jackpot will always be 5 BTC, the reason for this; it prevents someone from just buying all the numbers for a guaranteed win. So you make it not feasible to try and game the system.
  • Any extra BTC left over after a winner is put into the next jackpot. So if 6 BTC sits in the "bank" (server in this case) and someone wins pick 3, they get 5 BTC and the remaining 1 BTC starts the next pick 3 winner jackpot
  • If no one wins, the jackpot will be used to start another new pick 3 and another date (probably just a few days into the future) will be used to pick the next winning number.
  • There can be multiple winners, so then the winnings will not be split up. Basically 2 people can win, each collecting 5 BTC
  • Your 0.01 BTC and pick number are sent directly to a static IP address: -- This is a server generating BTC every day 24/7/365. Anything it generates on it's own (50 BTC) will also be added to the jackpot for the winner.
  • Please include either your BTC address or IP Address (if you have a static) along with the number you picked, otherwise I won't know where to send the winner the BTC
  • Winning numbers (evening drawing) will be taken from my states official website here so you can check for yourself:
    If you can pick up the local broadcast stations here, you can see the drawing live on TV as well.
  • No last minute submissions. Our timezone here is (-6:00 CST). No more submissions will be accepted *after* noon (12:00PM -6:00 CST) on the day of the drawing. If you send a coin to the server after that time, I'll return it. If you send a coin with no return address or way to know *who* sent it, it just goes into the winning pot for the next drawing.
Questions are welcome, I'll be glad to answer them here.

Winner will be whoever got the lucky pick 3 match with the evening state drawing.

Good luck to you all !!

Due to the fact that someone could submit a lot of numbers at once at this price, I won't be listing all the *picked* numbers. Feel free to list them voluntarily if you like. But when the day of the drawing takes place, I will make certain to double check the logs to make sure all winners get their prize.

If the server generates a 50 BTC amount, then that opens up the ability to have multiple winners get the full 5 BTC prize without having to split it up. If that happens, I'll be sure to update the topic as well.
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