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Yes. However, surely if you want an 'official' community release its a good idea to check with the core developers, where possible !?

It was only a polite suggestion and with Portable Apps its slightly different I think, because you are also applying the Portable Apps license to Bitcoin...
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"With the permission of Satoshi"

Does no one read licenses?  Go ahead.  You have permission to do whatever you want - he says so in every single download.
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With the growing number of very talented 'techies' and coders on this forum - I'm sure that a portable version of Bitcoin will not be to far away.

Maybe someone has the time to convert is as a Portable App. with the permission of Satoshi of course.

See: and

However, I've found a nice simple way to make it portable for now on Win32 - XP Only - using MojoPac ! See:

MojoPac free provides all the functionality that you need. N.B. You need XP admin rights to install and run MojoPac.

This has many advantages; the main being that you can store your Bitcoin installation and your Bitcoin wallet on a USB stick or even your ipod !

Whilst many of you will spot some potential privacy issues with using MojoPac ( or even XP Cheesy ) the ability for portable 'Plug-and-Play' Bitcoin payments from 'random' locations such as a work PC or internet cafe is very cool ! This is also an excellent method for separately storing your Bitcoins.

N.B. You will have the usual Bitcoin 'issues' with Microsoft Security Essential if it is installed on the 'host' XP.

You should also realize that your wallet.dat is accessible when browsing the contents of the USB stick.

I advise using TrueCrypt: to prevent this. Tor, Firefox and most other applications will run very happily in MojoPac also.

The screen shot below shows my 'test' installation connected and downloading the 'blocks' to the USB. Check the E:\ directory Grin

N.B. It is XP, I just have the Visual Effects 'off' for performance...

I even had Bitcoin running on the host XP ! So, you can instantly 'flick' between MojoPac and the host XP, transfer the Bitcoins back and forth and log-out. Of course there would be no point in running 2 'generating' instances of Bitcoin this way because they would just be fighting for CPU.

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