Topic: SMS/Text Messaging Integration? (Read 8247 times)

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April 13, 2011, 03:14:01 AM
a bit late, but here it is:
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January 18, 2011, 06:42:20 AM
I can sell BTC by SMS through zaypay.
I know which number paid?
I can have another number to receive a BTC payment request by SMS.
This number will receive the amount wish to be transferred and the destination.
Destination set as a bitcoin address or a cell number.

As a SMS template in my very simple phone, I can have my btc address that I can send to someone wishing to send me some BTC.

A payment request can be combined with a scratch list of codes to add some security.

Such a system would have a SMS notification system like email on mybitcoin.
If recipient does not have a bitcoin address, he gets a SMS with a generated access code and URL. If recipient does not confirm/login within 30days, BTC is returned to sender.

Two people new to bitcoin meet. One can buy BTC with a premium SMS and send the BTC to another Cell.

Is this a feasible model? I could only do this manually though..
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July 17, 2010, 09:40:09 AM
I'm not sure about SMS, however someone somewhere did mention the idea of a lightweight client to use on smartphones.  I am not from India but according to Shashi Tharoor, almost every Indian small business (people doing housework, ironing clothes, taxis, etc) all have a cell phone that people call them on to take orders.  (Very interesting TED talk where this came from is here it is well worth your time to watch).  If you are taking orders with the phone, why not take payment as well and avoid the risk of carrying money around as well as the hassle of making change.  You could even make it so the cell phone the business owner is carrying only carries his "recieve account number" with his main account being somewhere else so if someone tried to steal his phone they could not transfer the money out.

I could see something like the ability to make/take payments via two cell phones held by people who are face to face exchanging goods/services in person being a huge thing in this kind of Indian exchange (or anywhere else for that matter).  This could be the thing that really leaps bitcoin into widespread use.

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July 16, 2010, 08:42:19 PM
is there any usefulness for SMS/Text Messaging integration with Bitcoin in any way?
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