Topic: What would you like to see in a prediction market? (Read 91 times)

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First, has this token already started ICO crowdfunding?
Second, there is no exchange for this token?
Third, predict the link between the market and the blockchain.
Fourth, there are many blockchain projects of prediction market in the market. Where do you think you are better?
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What are the exchanges the project is likely to be listed.
I will also check through the telegram for other details.
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In my experience, the most profitable token is ICO
you will get 450.000 MTC Free ICO
You can join the ICO here
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Hello, we're Delphy, a decentralized prediction market set to launch at the end of the month. On Coin Market Cap, our token symbol is DPY. We're building our platform using a 'Lean Startup Model'. This enables us to deliver a working product and respond to user feedback in a timely manner. We're adding a decentralized backstop to our roadmap but will launch with centralized oracles. This allows us to improve the product before we finally reach end-to-end decentralization.

As you know, the prediction market space is quite competitive. Are there any particular markets or features you would like to see on the platform? Any ideas on how we can differentiate ourselves from the more popular competition? Thanks.

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