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August 18, 2010, 12:12:03 PM
Thanks for the trade BitcoinFX!

Your welcome laszlo ! ( delayed response - lol ) I hope you enjoyed your Pizza Smiley

Thanks also to everyone else who has used my BitcoinFX Exchange.

Everything is going great at the BitcoinFX Exchange although I have not provided a forum update for sometime.

Our Liberty Reserve purchase fee has now been reduced to 1%

I'm looking to add c-gold to the BitcoinFX Exchange and also start a new Bitcoin related project !

I'm therefore looking to sell upto 2,500 Bitcoins for c-gold.

I will offer a 25% discount on the Bitcoin Market - Liberty Reserve USD Exchange Rate. I will only accept c-gold.

If you don't have a c-gold account please consider using my link:

c-gold -

Also, if you already have Liberty Reserve or Pecunix then please consider making an exchange to c-gold via our eCardOne website API as we donate our affiliate commissions to our BTC exchange funds !

You can send me a forum PM or use the email on the BitcoinFX website.

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May 28, 2010, 07:02:15 AM
Thanks for the trade BitcoinFX!
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May 25, 2010, 11:11:13 PM
BitcoinFX, I requested an exchange, however the 'Your Bitcoin address' field would not accept a bitcoin address - it would only let me continue if I put an email address in there.

laszlo, OK thanks I will check the web form now and send you a PM.

Update: I have the details of your exchange request and will email you to complete the exchange.

Please see this forum topic which explains the delay.

The "Your Bitcoin Address" is now a non-essential field as it is not required for a BTC > LR exchange and I will have a valid email contact if the exchange is LR > BTC to confirm a missing required Bitcoin address.

Please use bitcoinfx @ if you need to contact me.

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May 25, 2010, 10:42:38 PM
My BitcoinFX - Liberty Reserve Exchange Service is now buying and selling Bitcoins.

Although everything had been correctly running and tested prior to launch I have encountered some unforeseen technical issues.

I'm based in the UK and google mail, which I have been using as my email contact and for the web form, has recently decided to change all UK addresses to !

What is unusual is that prior to this optional change I could use either, despite having registered as @googlemail. Due to all other gmail users, especially in the USA, using @gmail I opted for this. However, I have been unable to receive @gmail mails whilst this change has been taking place !

As far as I know I have always been in control and therefore the intended recipient of both addresses ( which are now the same account (again) ! ). So, privacy has not been affected. I have just not temporarily been receiving any mails ! I will of course raise this issue with google. Please see the attached screen shots.

I have switched to an address for the time being.

In the future I will be using a paid email address with SSL and a PGP Key and implementing a secure SSL web form for the exchange requests as this is the only part of my service which actually requires additional security and privacy.

Forum user laszlo has been the only Bitcoin user to make an exchange request and I apologize for the delay. The details for the exchange request were held on the server, I just had not received an email to inform me of the request. I have contacted laszlo to confirm the request and resolve this exchange asap.

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